Monday, August 9, 2010

Current Wishlist --- oh yes

Okay, so I'm back to blogging.

My show's over and now I have plenty of time to hit this place up again!
Everytime I buy or try something I'm like I want to tell people about this! But time was not on my side the past few weeks.
Right now I'm craving a few little treats and these would be the few. I know I'm definitely getting a few of these things but not all of them!

Tiffany's small bead (mini heart) Return To Tiffanys bracelet
It's so pretty! I'm not big into wearing bracelets that I haven't made but I want a nice bracelet for when I do dress up.
A Louis Vuitton NeverFull PM bag
They're gorgeous... who can deny this!? They're also uber pricey and I feel not necessarily something I need but I want it x 10. I'm going to start saving up now. I actually have the money that I could get this but I'd feel guilty if I just bought this on a whim. Jeebus.

= love! I tried this pair on at my local mall and I'm still debating on them quite truthfully. I love them but I also find it nuts to spend crazy amounts of $$$ on sunglasses! I may have to get these though, they work for almost every face shape!

YSL Faux Cils Mascara

Everyone on Youtube raves about this product and I really want to try it but for now I'm using L'OREAL's Carbon Black Volume one. Lollipop26 did a comparison on the two and they really are quite similiar looking in that blog post so I'm all for trying the cheaper one first! I've always used L'OREAL Volume mascara but never the carbon one & I'm def liking it but it's a bitch to remove. YSL you will be mine someday.

A massage

Workin with children is so stressful and I really, really just want to go lay down for an hour and have someone work out all my knots in my back/neck. Massages are so calming but they're so expensive!

An IPod
Not necessarily an IPod touch but this is the one that's winning me over the most at the moment. I'm torn between the touch, a green nano one, or just a classic one in white.
It's a hard decision though!

Dior Amber Diamonds
I am actually getting this, this week! My boyfriend and I just celebrated our 2 1/2 year anniversary and we do small gifts for the half years and I told him this is what I wanted. I just bought MAC's By Candlelight so I'm feeling a tad bit "ah" about getting this but it'd be given to me so I don't know. Has anyone ever used this before? Let me know!

In other news, not much is going on! I've been going home after work and taking naps and hanging with my loved ones. It's so nice to have a few weeks to myself before school starts. I've been using a new moisturizer that I really like but it's just a sample size so when I buy the full product I will be doing a review on that.
I'll post a haul later today!
Oh! And my computer is still broken :o( It sucks majorly. It's going to cost anywhere from $250 - $550 possibly even more. It's terrible. I may just get a new one so we shall see.