Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Coastal Scents

So I'm a Youtuber lover and every guru has the Coastal Scents Palettes. I've never really looked at them but tonight I was bored and decided to give a look at the site. Holy jeebus, they're cheap and seem so nice! Everyone always raves about them and I'm def thinking I need to grab some soon! Maybe for my birthday I'll ask for them!!!
All the images I have on here are from the site and you can check them AND all their other great offeres out here.

Ultra Shimmer 88 Palette

88 Metal Mania Palette

88 Warm Palette

88 Piece Makeup Palette

Do any of you use them? Please let me know!

F21 Haul

So I went shopping on Friday (October 1) and only had 45 minutes so I ran to Forever 21! I tried on a few tops that were a bit blah and ended up wandering over to the jewelery and found GREAT pieces. Let me just say, I adore F21 jewelery! It lasts quite a long time for such a cheap price.

I got two necklaces that I plan on wearing together (the individual picture of the first one shows it a bit darker than it really is, it's like a champagney pink) and a ring.

This first necklace was $5 dollars and change. I want to say $5.80

This was $7 and change. Once again, I believe it was $7.80

Me wearing them together!

This ring was $3.80 and it's AMAZING. I love chunky rings and I've been looking for one with just a black face. It's stretchy too which is SUCH a plus because then I can wear it on either my middle finger or ring finger!

Hope you enjoyed this!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Hey all!
So I'm not sure how many of you have heard of luuux but if you haven't, you can check it out here.
It's a blogging site where you earn points with commenting & posting and you can turn your points in for prizes once you have enough! I think it's a great idea and I hope it doesn't become old before I get my points high enough for a prize! Past the idea of prizes, it's a cool site because people are SO active on it (obviously we know why but still!)
They have categories (they call them universes) that you put your posts in by relevance. Some examples of the universes: fashion, health & beauty, design, etc.
It's cool. If you want to follow me (let me know and I'll put a link to mine up), I'll follow you too! Let me know if you have one!!!