Tuesday, October 5, 2010

F21 Haul

So I went shopping on Friday (October 1) and only had 45 minutes so I ran to Forever 21! I tried on a few tops that were a bit blah and ended up wandering over to the jewelery and found GREAT pieces. Let me just say, I adore F21 jewelery! It lasts quite a long time for such a cheap price.

I got two necklaces that I plan on wearing together (the individual picture of the first one shows it a bit darker than it really is, it's like a champagney pink) and a ring.

This first necklace was $5 dollars and change. I want to say $5.80

This was $7 and change. Once again, I believe it was $7.80

Me wearing them together!

This ring was $3.80 and it's AMAZING. I love chunky rings and I've been looking for one with just a black face. It's stretchy too which is SUCH a plus because then I can wear it on either my middle finger or ring finger!

Hope you enjoyed this!!!

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