Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I still don't have my cord & I won't until tomorrow but I NEEDED to update about something very, very important.
I'm going to see ECLIPSE tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am such Twi-hard and I don't care who knows it hahaha!!!
But seriously, I'm in love.
I'm excited!
I always prefer book versions of stories rather than movie versions but Eclipse just may be different.. at least that's what the trailer leaves me thinking!
I promise I won't spill any details for those of you who don't have it there yet.
I'm going to the midnight showing with my 2 good friend Amanda & Ashley and my cousin Dalila (for her 11th birthday which is tomorrow)!
I plan on going again this week & weekend, haha!
ps. i'm totally team edward but jacob is a hottie too (i like jacob a lot in the book Eclipse... I feel so bad for him!)

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