Thursday, March 25, 2010


Hey all!
So I was in a big rush this morning and did a smokey eye while driving -- more like at red lights, ha. No worries I didn't actually DRIVE and do my make-up.
Anywho this is just a picture of my eyes b/c my skin is having a mind of it's own lately (ugh). I rarely have problems with my skin but when it flares up, it really flares up. I was also curious about how people put their names on their pictures so no one can steal them. Do any of you do that? Do you think it's wise?
This look is messy so I doubt people would steal it hahaha but I mean other pictures.
Anywho, onto the eyes.
This week I'll be uploading a review of a Barry M product I received in a swap.
Also a small haul from this evening will go up tomorrow.

For whatever reason whenever I re-size the pictures they look weird and kind of washed out but on my photobucket you can see the colors. Rawr.
Anyhow, I used my Storm Palette I got from Nicola!
I'll be doing a review on that soon as well.
Also I'll list the names of the colors I used tomorrow.. I used 3 different colors, a shimmery white, a navy blue, and a black.
Let me also say that the black in this palette is so GOOD. I'm going to have to say it beats out my MAC Carbon thus far. I feel like the color is much more intense.
Oh & I didn't have time to do mascara in case you were wondering.
I also hope I get better at taking pictures of my eyes. It's hard!!!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing all your reviews hunny! xxx