Friday, March 12, 2010

In and Out: number 2

Ins & Outs #2
In ♥
1) Urban Outfitters
I have loved this store for many upon many years. When I went to school in New York there was one 2 blocks away and it was amazing and I lived in there. Anyhow, I had heard they were putting one in NJ near me and didn't think much of it & then last night I was bored and went in..... ahhhhhh. I fell back in love to say the least and it most def beats ordering online.
2) Finding my camera cord
Which means I can finally do the haul pics that I've wanted to do
3) Makeup Swap
Nicola and I did one and I'm uber excited for it to arrive!
4) Spring Break
GOD BLESS! I was SO in need of a break & now I'm going to lounge around and clean my room & spend mega time with my siblings & Zach :o)
1) Back 2 Mac
This is more of a neutral thing.. I love that they do this but it's a total pain in the butt that they don't accept eyeshadows without the pans. BUT I did receive the empty pans I purchased so let the fun begin :o) I have about 18 things that are going back so yes to 3 new things! But still... total pain about the pan thing.
2) My Diet
It has been an epic fail... so yeah.. I need to work that out for sure. I'm going to go the gym tonight so that's a start.
And that's really it! I have tons of stuff to do this weekend so I'm happy. I'll be updating soon :o)

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