Sunday, April 18, 2010

AC Haul

So last night we went and did a little shopping in AC!
It was really nice but the mall's hours online were wrong - ugh. It actually closed 2 hours earlier than it said online, so once Zach and I got done with our workshop, we went right to his sister's and then ran there.
I didn't want to spend tons of money so I'm quite proud of myself, haha. So here's what I bought!

First we went to Lush.

Holy jeebus... there was so much stuff there...
It was quite overwhelming, hah.

I had a really hard time picking between things for whatever reason so I ended up with:

I got the cream candy bubble bar, 2 Dreamtime Bathmelts which are going to my mama dukes as a part of her Mother Day's stuff, a piece of the Godmother Soap, and the Bubblegum Lip Scrub.

The only thing I'm not sure I'm in love with is the Bubblegum Lip Scrub. The only reason I'm saying this is because when you smell it in the jar it's like wooooah but when you put it on it's not overwhelming at all. I really wanted the Mint one but it smelt too much like a thin mint cookie for my liking. All of that came to like $40 bucks so not bad! Next time, I'm most def getting the Blondie Shampoo & the Mmm Marshmallow bathmelt thing.

Next I went to the Cos Bar which carries all high-end cosmetics. Such a total tease to say the least, haha. I do not have the mula for that stuff but as I said in my post the other day there was a few things I wanted. I definitely wanted Ondine from NARS but they didn't have it in and Mekong reminded me of the dark color in my Pleasures of Paris palette so I decided it was a no no. In the end I went with the YSL lipstick.

I caved and bought the YSL Rough Volupte in #2 (Sensual Silk).
It's a gorg pinky-nude. I'm thinking it may be a bit too light for me right now but once summer comes and I get a teensy bit of color I think it will look good.
The lipstick was a hefty $36 dollars and change.

I'm going to hopefully NOT be shopping anymore for the next few weeks and that way I won't feel so bad about spending all that money on a lipstick. The packaging is just so pretty damnit, hahaha. We also did a bit of gambling and ate a HUGE meal that was so freaking yummy. Today we have one more workshop and then we're driving home. Merrr.

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