Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Three, Tres, Trois
Three names I go by:
1) Cait
2) Bug (or Caitybug)
3) KK
Three jobs I have had:
1) Theatre teacher (current job)
2) Nanny (current job)
3) Waitress
Three places I have lived:
1) New Jersey
2) New York
3) New Jersey
Three favourite drinks:
1) Arizona Iced Tea (99 cents a can people! you can't go wrong)
2) Peppermint Tea
3) Diet Coke
Three TV shows I watch:
1) Jerseylicious (sooo ridic and bad but so addicting)
2) Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too
3) Law & Order (SVU & Criminal Intent)
Three places I have been:
1) Mexico
2) Aruba
3) Bermuda
Three places I would like to visit:
1) England
2) Paris
3) California
Three favorite old TV shows:
1) Doug
2) Clarissa Explains It All
3) Alec Mac
Three favorite dishes:
1) Penne Alla Vodka
2) Hibachi chicken and steak combo meal
3) Chicken with mashed potatos
Three makeup/beauty products I cannot live without:
1) Chapstick, preferrably a minty one
2) Mascara
3) Eyeliner or Concealer.. I guess it depends on the day
Three things I’m looking forward to:
1) School being over for this semester
2) HOPEFULLY getting away with Zach for a weekend in August
3) Spending time with my babbles!
Three people I tag:
Everyone :o)

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