Friday, April 16, 2010

Broadway Workshop

Just a quick update!!!
I'm staying down near Atlantic City for the weekend for a Broadway workshop and Zach's sister lives like... 10 minutes from Caesar's Pier which has tons of stores and one of them is.... *drum roll please*
I'm wicked excited to finally go to one of their stores. I've compiled a want list already (I'm such a dork hahaha) & I'm so pumped to go and pick through everything.
SO excited.
They also have a MAC, Betsey Johnson, and a Cos Bar which has NARS, YSL, etc.
I don't want to spend tons of money but I am going to enjoy my first trip to AC !!!
Maybe I'll gamble too lol..
BTW, sorry for not posting recently. Getting ready for this workshop has taken a bit more time than I expected. I've had a lot to purchase and find, etc. But maybe I'll do a little haul post tomorrow.
My current "wants" list:
Ondine & Mekong
Rouge Volupte Sensual Silk (#2)
^ I've heard so many fab things about this I WANT IT SO BAD!
It's pretty hefty.. $31 dollars for a lipstick is a bit ridic so we shall see about this one.
I do have a bit extra money right now but we'll see.
&&& my lush list is huge so I shall not blabber about that.
I really want to get my mom a few things for Mom's Day as well!
Hope you're all doing well and I shall update tomorrow

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