Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I went food shopping a bit ago & picked up some DunkAroos on my trip...
holy hell they're yummy.
Soo bad but soo good.
French went well... my teacher is very "in your face" but not in a bad way.. she's got a lot of character to say the least. And she had us speak (or to put it bluntly -- butcher) French. Usually the first class of all your classes is uber short & you don't do anything but pick up a syllabus... well not this morning.
I can say like 7 things now.. not well.. but still!
It was intimidating & if we're moving this fast already then holy jeebus what is the rest of the semester going to be like?
Tis nuts.
I drove around calling my cats name before.. still no sign of him & that makes me sad :o\
I hope he's just wandering around and will be back by this weekend. Otherwise I'm going to make fliers and stuff.
Alright, time to go nanny & then I get to see my babbles!

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