Friday, January 1, 2010

A new year..

I can't believe it's 2010 already... jeebus! I haven't made a list of resolutions yet but I figure for my post here I'll do it right here for all to see (that way I feel a bit more compelled to keep them). One of my favorite make-up gurus on youtube has a blog and she is the inspiration behind my getting one (so thank you laura)(not that you'll ever see this). My point in starting this blog is that although I'm no expert on any topic really, I will provide tid bits of my life and my opinions on make-up products, broadway, and everything & anything. I guess I'm a bit of a shop-a-holic... even though I'm a broke college student. I'm not amazing at make-up but I LOVE it. I am milding obsessed with Broadway, Twilight, & books in general. My hopes for the future are for me to be on Broadway or in National Tours -- musical theatre & me are bff, haha.

SO, time for a New Year's Resolutions

1) LOSE mothereffing WEIGHT - this is the biggest goal I shall undertake this year and it will happen or well... it'll suck. I want to do it to become healthier & to be the cutest brides maid at my best friend's wedding :) hahaha. It may sound like a ridiculous reason but it's something to make me push myself... so yeah. So diet & exercise here I come.

2) Try to be nicer - it's not that I'm not nice... I can just come off bitchy at times. Although I hate to say it I sometimes am quick to judge and who the hell am I do that? I want to give people more chances and stop saying things about others before knowing them. I have a tadddd bit of an issue with girls at first meeting and it's wrong & evil -- so I'm going to work on that. I am a very caring person and I feel like this behavior does not show that and it's not cool.. so buh-bye cruelty.

3) Save some money - I part time nanny, teach theatre & babysit. They all pay well but during the school year the hours just aren't there (for nannying/teaching) and that's my main mula so yeah... I need to learn how to create a savings and not spend it in a moment of "ahhh, I have to have that!"

4) Save money for something nice - I know this almost contradicts the one prior to this but I'll create two savings. I tend to spend my money on a shirt here or there or a new make-up product or books; and while they're all well worth it I always see something big that I really want but I never save up for it. So I really want to get a nice item for myself.. I want to feel proud that I got myself that expensive (etc). On this list: a speedy bag, glossy dior sunglasses, a nintendo ds, a ps3 for my bf, etc.

5) Boyfriend Loving - my bf & I are both crazy stressed right now due to family shit & school & all that jazz, and sadly sometimes I take my stress out on him. He does it as well but it's not as drastic as mine... therefore I want to work on controlling my anger and stress level and shizzle. He is the biggest rock in my life and I need to remember he's there for me.. not against me.

6) Work on my grammar - I used to be great with this but I feel like I've lost all of my knowledge on this matter, ha. It's sad. I'm a great speller (usually) & I love writing and reading but my grammar blows.

7) Love myself - this is pretty self - explanatory. I need to be better to my self.

8) Volunteer/Get More Involved - I'm pretty busy but anything small can help, whether it be me dedicating time to places or just donating stuff. I just want to do something to help.

9) Do my homework - well this is obvious but I don't always do it. I'm still an A/B student but I really need to commit myself more.

10) Start auditioning again - I miss auditioning in the city and feeling competitive and waking up at 3 am to get in line for an audition. I miss the city in general but regardless I want to start going in more and getting my butt into gear! It's the career I want and therefore I need to get out there.

And those are 10 simple goals I'm looking to maybe get accomplished this year. My next post is going to be a books list of recent reads of mine and what I think about them, etc.

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