Monday, January 18, 2010


In one of my lj groups there was a tag of 50 random facts about you & I thought if someone comes across this, you can learn about me. IF anyone comes across this, hahah.
I created this blog for people to read... eventually.
So onto the 50 facts
1. I'm not sure of my actual height.. I always say 4'11 but it may be 4'9 or 4'10.. who knows
2. I snort when I laugh (obvs attractive haha)
3. I'm a bit of a shop-a-holic
4. I spend most of my evenings on YouTube looking for new make-up gurus to watch
5. I'm a huge video game nerd
6. I've never had a cavity or a broken bone
7. My favorite color is green and 2nd is pale pink
8. I have 8 piercings (& I want to re-pierce my nose)
9. I read books faster than anyone I know
10. My bf and I have tattoos of each other's initials
11. My favorite people on this planet are my siblings (& then my bf)
12. I want to be on Broadway
13. I'm a huge pack rat.. it's a problem
14. I really ♥ Emeralds
15. I lose stuff all the time & then find it months later
16. My bf & I speak in British accents when we talk to each other late at night (we're goofs)
17. I'm trying to find a name for my car
18. My cat Ollie is missing right now :o(
19. I can speak gibberish
20. I miss all my NY friends
21. I love making friendship bracelets
22. I have a phobia regarding lice
23. I teach theatre & nanny part time
24. I'm loud.. very loud
25. Fall is my favorite season
26. I'm trying to clean my room right now but I'm failing epically
27. I live with my Grandpa -- who is awesome
28. I still make pinky promises with a kiss
29. I really want to travel to London & France & Ireland & Germany!!!
30. If you hold my nose I'm convinced I can't breathe
31. Wrists scare me
32. I have trust issues
33. When I'm walking in the dark I call my bf/fam so I'm not alone
34. I've never been in a physical fight
35. I don't talk to one of my bff's a lot and it bugs me
36. I love leopard print
37. I collect candles & little boxes
38. My style varies often
39. Veggie dip is my favorite snack
40. I always have gum in my purse
41. I spazz when I don't have my phone with me
42. I have tiny wide feet & therefore hate shoe shopping
43. While on feet, I have wide calves and therefore can never find boots that fit over them.. it sucks. (End rant)
44. My main family all lives within 5 minutes from my house.. even less if I don't have to wait at a light
45. Clerks was filmed in my hometown.. oh yes.
46. I have Ninja Turtle slippers -- they rock
47. I have a "signature" pose (duck lips)
48. My style changes every other day practically.. it's frustrating
49. Sunflowers & Daisies are my fav flowers
50. My mom is 16 years older than me and I'm 15 years older than my siblings
and one for good luck!
51. I'm actually really girly even though I have the mouth of a trucker
That took long, jeebus. Now back to cleaning my room and some pasta w/ vodka sauce for din din.. mmm.

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