Friday, January 28, 2011

Accessory of the moment (AOTM)

I totally need to get to bed but I can't seem to fall asleep, so I figured why not update my blog instead, ha!
I showed this ring two posts ago I believe. It's from Forever 21 and was $2.80 and I am IN love with this thing! It kind of reminds of the YSL Arty Ring that I lust over daily but this is hundreds of dollars less. Clearly, the Arty Ring is a total different shape and stuff like that but idk, it still is similar in my mind... maybe in a very far distant cousin kind of way but whatevs.
I've been wearing a lot of black lately (I used to wear black all the time but stopped for a while) and I've been loving wearing big rings with colorful stones to kind of brighten my outfits up. I especially love turquoise and that red color stoned. It's a bit coral esque but that's not the name of the stone... I'll remember it eventually. They're my total favorites though.
These pictures are just showing the ring from a top view and a "side" view to show you the size of the stone.
I would seriously suggest this ring to anyone. There are so many pros to this ring: it's stretchy (so it'll fit different size fingers), it's uber cheap, it doesn't look uber cheap (in my opinion), and it's flashy and fun but also doesn't look too over the top. I had one person ask me where this was from and when I said from Forever 21 and the price they were shocked!

Clearly, it's love!

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