Monday, January 31, 2011

Shatter Polish

I have pretty much stalked Ulta by phone trying to find out if they had the Katy Perry Shatter Polish or not. The answer was "yes, but we're sold out, try back Monday because we're getting a new shipment in then". So I called back today and they got their shipment in YESTERDAY and SOLD OUT again. UGHHHHHHHHHHH. So pissed for reals. So today after that disappointing phone call, I remembered a local beauty store that I've seen O.P.I. collections in, called them, and they had it! So I rushed on over before they closed and snatched one up :) I'm actually thinking of grabbing another one because although I don't normally go through whole nail polishes often, this is one I know I'm going to use a lot. It's such a great idea! I love that it can either spice up a nail look or tone one down. I love bright nails but sometimes want a bit of darkness too so this is the perfect way to accomplish that. I got this for $8 and change which wasn't too expensive. I'm so glad I bought this. Do any of you have this or want this?

In these photos I have it over Essie's Chinchilly, which is a light gray color.

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