Sunday, January 9, 2011


My main Christmas present from my momma dukes was an Ipod Touch (the 32gb one) and it's pretty much the only thing I wanted. I ADORE IT. My old Ipod was so beaten up and barely worked anymore so I knew it was time for an upgrade and I knew that the touch was perfect for me because I could also get apps and do a bunch of cool stuff on it. I got the 4th generation one with the camera and one of my most used apps so far is the Incrediboth app. It gives you strips of pictures just like the booths at the movies. So cool. Here's 3 strips from the other night! Me and Zach saw Tron 3d, which was AMAZING. I highly recommend it to all of you... and if you had no interest in seeing it, the main character Sam is SO easy on the eyes so definitely reconsider.

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