Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I wish it would stop snowing... jeebus!!!
We got hit on Friday night & it's started up again this evening and is supposed to last until late tomorrow night.
One positive thing --- school is closed :o)
I will never complain about school being cancelled... I'm so over school already, haha.
So tomorrow shall be filled with snuggle time with Zachary and then depending on the roads possibly work but I'm not too sure.
If I am snowed in I shall do a few reviews and show you all the purse I picked up from Marshalls that I had on layaway. I adore it tons :o)
Hmm, so what else is new...
I've been finding great blogs to read so that keeps me amused for hours on end when I'm not doing hw and.... urr... yeah. I'm just up to my normal stuff I guess.
Tonight Zach introduced me to a new band called Blue October. They're really quite interesting and I shall be making a burn cd within the next few days for my car! Take a look at them. I love finding new bands.
Alright, it's almost 2 am so I think we're going to try to hit the hay now but if not I'll post with some survey type deal.

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