Friday, February 26, 2010


I have a question for all of you Mac e/s lovers out there..
to depot or to not depot?
I've been thinking about this for a while and everytime it pops into my head I go back & forth and back & forth.
When I was last in MAC I purchased a quad palette & bought my first 2 pan eyeshadows. When I get paid next I really want to purchase the 15 palette but is it really more simple? Yes, I get that all of your shadows will be in one place & organized opposed to carrying around a bag filled with them. I see the advantage there. But what if like it falls and then everything breaks? Or someone steals it? Or idk, ahhhhhhh.
Do you all find it easier to just have them in the one palette? I have about.. 18 - 21 Mac eyeshadows. I don't know the exact number.. I have a total problem of putting one down somewhere and not remembering where I put it for ages and then coming across it.. so yeah, the exact number I can't really tell you. But yeah.. idk. I like the idea of having everything in a nice clean looking palette but idk. I find it almost pathetic how much I've been debating about this, hahaha.
So yes, I'm here asking you what you do with your eyeshadows? Do you recommend to depot them? I think quite frankly I'm just going to do it but I thought I'd ask you all first what your opinions on depotting are.
Lemme know

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