Sunday, February 21, 2010

In and Out number 1

Ins & Outs: Numero Uno
Spending time with my siblings :o) They're my heart & you'll probably be seeing lots of posts about them!!!
My bf & alone time with him
Finding & purchasing my NEW favorite stud earrings ever. I shall update with a picture soon.
My E.L.F. package arriving Tuesday (according to USPS -- please be right!) I only ordered 2 products but I'm uber excited about them ( I ordered Natural Nymph l/s & Birthday Suit lipstain (which I've heard mixed reviews about))
MAC mini hauls
Decorating the sorta new upstairs of my house. My mom's moving in with us temporarily (& we're re-doing the upstairs for her) so I get to pick out the paint colors of the rooms b/c once she moves into her new house I move upstairs.
- School work overkill
- My family craziness... they're legit nuts
- Being a broke ass but working all the time (how the hell does that add up!)
- Breaking my newly acquired diet soo much this weekend
- Not being with my siblings when they want me to be. Example: After "bedtime" when they get scared (I just got a phone call) :o(
- Being around people who talk toooooooooo much about things they don't know about
- Chapped lips

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