Thursday, February 4, 2010

Favorites de January

January favies
A lot of the gurus I watch online do their favorites of each month & I want to do it as well.. but not in video form (at least not for this month). So here's a list of my favorites, enjoy!
Mac's Sable Eyeshadow: it's such a gorg color & I think it's one of those colors that can flatter all skin tones. I'll edit this tomorrow with a swatch or a description but I have to think about the right way to word it (and the time to do so is not now, ha)
School supply shopping: My semester started back up on January 21st so I had to buy a bunch of stuff. I love school supplies, they make me happy :o)
I think my absolute favorite purchase would be my new planner. Daily planners make me feel organized when I'm not.
Hand Sanitizer: legit everyone I know is either sick or getting sick.... stay away from me people! But yeah.. I'm addicted to hand sanitizer... it just makes me feel protected, ha.
Nyx lipgloss in Beige: it really is a great pinky (yes pinky) color. Subtle and pretty but with a pop of color (for my pale self at least it is). If you're looking into Nyx's lipglosses this is most def one you should look at. It's not sticky by any means and seems to hold up for some time before I need to re-apply. I really like this color
a lot.
Peppermint Tea: = LOVE. It's just so yummy
My Wishbone Necklace: It was my late Christmas gift from Zach & I got it on New Year's Eve after our midnight kiss (so technically New Year's Day). It's from & it's so tiny & perfect! I truly love it ♥
Mac's Hue lipstick: I was never a big lipstick person but that has changed within the past few months. I'm slowly getting into them more and more and Hue was an excellent purchase. It's a sheer (glaze finish) pinky nude that works really well alone or over other colors. I'm digging it alone quite honestly & my lips are quite pigmented and it still does it's job flawlessly.
Okie dokes, there's a few of my favorite things from January. I know I'm missing a few but it's almost 2 am and I'm beat.
Sweet Dreams all.

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